Palpatine rising is a heavy metal band formed in 1999 in Notodden, Norway. Back then the first incarnation of the band consisted of 5 students at the HiT: Ole Dahl (Vocals), Lennart Moen ( Guitar), Øyvind Aanonsen (Guitar), Roy Johansen (Bass) and Svein Oskar Refsnes (Synth). This version of the band worked hard both playing live and recording a cd (after spending a fortune) during their stay at the school. In about 2002 after most of the members finished their studies it also meant an end to their stay in the band. When work and family enters the picture, being in a band can be a bit too much. Some had to go for other reasons, but that's another story....

So naturally over the years some changes has happened, as with most bands. Talented musicians that have entered and left during 1999 and 2006 includes: Ole Dahl (Vocals,1999 - 2002), Roy Johansen (Bass, 1999 - 2001), Kjetil Solvang (Bass,2001 -2002), Øyvind Aanonsen (Guitar, 1999 - 2004), John Eskildsen (Vocals, 2003 - 2004), John Smidsrød (Guitar, 2005 -2006), Svein Oskar Refsnes (Synth, 1999 - 2006). Three Albums were made during the years 2001 - 2005: "Palpatine Rising"(2001), "Neo genesis"(2003) and "Sentinel"(2005).


But all this was long ago....

Now the current members of Palpatine Rising: Benny Uppstad (Vocals), Lennart Moen (Guitars), Øystein Hellerud (Bass) and Håkon Hellerud (Drums), are still keeping the band alive. Stronger and better than ever! Even with impossible odds, with work and families and living miles apart, the band are rehearsing 3 times a month and of course giging whenever the demand arrives.

The new album is just out as of 2009. Recorded at Tuft studio and paid for by the band itself (a small fortune). The album is all about what the band is at the moment: "Heavy metal with elements of progressive" a reviewer says. Well allright! -Possibly! Putting the music in a genre has always been difficult. We really aren't sure. But it is heavy! And it is Rock! Listen for yourself! Either at myspace, or buy the cd. Just send us an email and we will send it to you. (Just 100,- NOK).

Oh, and the new album is mastered by none other than Dirk Schlächter of Gamma ray! We are so grateful to Dirk for using some of his precious time on us!

Palpatine Rising is an unsigned band. Our dream and goal for the past ten years is of course to get a recording contract. If you are a person that can help us achieve that goal, do not hesitate!






Upcoming shows:


March 19: Wacken metal battle at Ungdommens hus, Notodden.


New release: The northern wastelands.

Palpatine rising -The northern wastelands

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Price: (just) 100,- NOK

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High gain studios, Hamburg


Tuft studio